The LookBermuda AirportArt Project

LookBermuda has secured the rights to install large scale art installations in the majority of open wall and other spaces throughout the Bermuda International Airport to enhance the travelers experience and their first and last impressions of the island.

Initially LookBermuda focused on photographic installations that highlight Bermuda’s natural and cultural assets produced, curated and installed by its team, and in the lead up to the America's Cup stunning aerial photos shot during the 2015 World Series will be the cornerstone of Bermuda Maritime themed installations.

“LF Wade International Airport is pleased to partner with LookBermuda and through these installations immerse airport users in the flora and fauna of our island. We believe these images will prove spectacular and will draw attention to the natural beauty around us.” 

Aaron Adderley, General Manager, LF Wade International, Bermuda

The images are a combination of themed installations and powerful standalone images. High resolution panoramas by Jean-Pierre Rouja are being earmarked for some of the larger open walls. Several of the larger panoramic murals being prepared by Mr. Rouja will exceed 8 feet by 40 feet that will help transform the Airports appearance.

The Nonsuch Island Expeditions

The first themed installation: “The Nonsuch Island Expeditions”  is the result of an ongoing collaboration between LookBermuda photographer & filmmaker J-P Rouja and National Geographic photographer David Liittschwager.


 Mr. Liittschwager is known for his unique Biodiversity Survey photography and trademark “One Cubic Foot” projects that showcases the living subjects photographed against a white background in very high detail, the results of which are extremely effective once enlarged. 

“I had worked with David on a National Geographic project and wanted to apply his process to our ongoing efforts to showcase Nonsuch Island. The project started with images of newly hatched Cahow chicks and has been expanded to showcase the biodiversity of the Nonsuch Island Nature Reserve and its surrounding waters. By using his techniques we are able to capture anything visible to the naked eye from a few millimeters in size to a fully grown cahow, showcasing both terrestrial and marine flora and fauna.”

J-P Rouja

The resulting imagery is being used to obtain international exposure for the island in part via the new website being developed by LookBermuda, home to its ground breaking CahowCam project and interactive virtual tours. The site allows users to virtually visit Nonsuch which is otherwise too sensitive to accommodate the masses. Now the AirportArt installations will reach an even wider audience through high resolution large scale prints installed in key, high traffic locations throughout the Airport.

 To reach the non-traveling public, a traveling MobileArt exhibit mirroring the AirportArt installations will be shown in public popup art exhibits throughout the island and also throughout the island’s public and private schools. In the schools it will be accompanied by curriculum content.


We have secured the rights to do these installations throughout the airport and are seeking sponsorships to cover the production and printing costs. We are offering this on a per image, per zone, or per theme basis with sponsor / donor information being exhibited alongside each print when exhibited. Sponsorship of a print for the airport may also include mirrored CorporateArt or traveling MobileArt and SchoolArt exhibits.

Patron level sponsors of the Nonsuch exhibit will have the additional benefits including receiving an art quality copy of their sponsored print(s), suitable for framing for home or office.

For more information please contact us via the form on the contact page or call 1 441 333-5555