Photo: Chris Burville

Mary-Celestia Film Project

The Mary-Celestia was a Civil War blockade runner that sank in 1864 under very suspicious circumstances. 

In 2012 our team documented the discovery and subsequent recovery of 5 intact wine bottles and a bottle of perfume that had lay hidden in her bow for nearly 150 years.

This story is now the subject of a documentary film that we are producing for broadcast on American Public Television as a co-production between LookBermuda | LookFilms and PBS presenting station SCETV from South Carolina.

When it airs in 2017 it will reach a projected 12 million PBS viewers over its 3 year run and will in parallel be broadcast internationally.

This project is now being expanded to include and incorporate the groundbreaking photogrammetry 3D scans of the wreck being produced as part of our ongoing collaboration with UCSD which was also the subject of a TedX talk in Bermuda on March 25th.

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